A timelapse is a video in which events occur at a speed much higher than what was recorded.

The normal recording speed of a video camera is 25 frames (images) per second; In this way, if we eliminate some of these intermediate frames we will achieve the sensation of speed that we are looking for.

There are several ways to achieve this effect; the first thing that could happen to us is to record a video and pass it faster, but the one that really gives the best result and the best quality is to shoot several photographs and then edit it.

It may seem a super innovative technique but in reality, there are video files from the beginning of the century in which this technique was already used.

However, not all situations are ideal to make a good timelapse and get the most out of this technique, usually work very well in nature, landscapes, assembly lines, the transit of a street, the construction of a building and all that where, over time, something visually attractive is created or transformed.

There are many functionalities for this type of videos, in Frame25 we have done it to see the evolution of some works, to give a plastic touch to corporate videos and production in factories or to provide rhythm to some videos of events; As in any mode of artistic expression, this is a technique more available to the creative and we love to explore it whenever we see fit and believe that it can add value to the final product.