A casting is a process of selecting actors, most of the time, captained by a casting director (DC).

The producers hire the DCs to be in charge of organizing and facilitating the selection of the actors for the different roles of a production.

The first step is to send a casting call to the actors’ agencies, describing the type of profile they are looking for and the most relevant details of the production in question: filming and casting dates, fees and image rights, media where will disclose the film, etc.

Then the casting is organized thinking about all the details that will be needed such as the background, the lighting and the props necessary for the performance.
On the day of the casting all the candidates for the same role, guided by the DC, perform the same acting (acting) before the camera.

Once all the recorded and ordered material is in place, the selection process begins, in which the producers and the director of the film, show, spot, etc. take part mainly. and, in the case of advertising, the client, who in the end is the one with the last word.

Most actors agree on how hard the anger is to one cast after another, it is another job within their profession, a job that is not remunerated and for which, the vast majority have had to spend sometime. They affirm that it is not easy to expose themselves before the cameras like that, in cold, having relatively little information of the character / argument; and that’s where the talent of a good casting team has to emerge, which must create a good atmosphere, calm and comfortable for the candidates.

Another issue that tends to worry, mainly professional actors is the debate between rolling advertising or not, as neither they, nor the producers of future fiction films, are interested in being classified or related to specific brands.

However, for a few years, the world of casting has undergone some changes and a new concept, streetcasting, has entered the scene.
There are many times that producers are not looking for both good performers and / or beautiful faces as real characters with various talents. Often musicians, jugglers, athletes, skaters are needed and, this kind of profiles, it is usually easier to go out and look for them on the street.

In our case we are lucky to live in a city as eclectic and cosmopolitan as Barcelona, ​​a factor that makes things very easy for streetcasting directors. So if you have any visible talent, particular physiognomy and / or a good look for a camera that does not surprise you that someday you “hunt” for the streets of the city.